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March 31, 2020

It’s March 31st and who knew that this month would be so wild! It started out with so much to look forward to and now it’s on to hopeful thinking and wishing for the future! With everything that’s going on in the world right now due to COVID-19, we have been staying safe at home ever since March Friday the 13th. What’s ironic is that the week before the 13th, someone posted a meme that said “This week there is a full moon, a spring time change, and a Friday the 13th – brace yourself!”

It’s really ironic when I think back to that meme, isn’t it? With Kansas City being on an offiical STAY-HOME-ORDER, I find myself missing so much! But at the same time, I am secretly really enjoying this lock-down. My son has not been going to daycare and I feel like he grew so much in just the past few weeks! He seems happier with us both around at home all day. I am so grateful that we get to go on walks in our neighborhood in nearby parks and that the spring weather has been amazing. I try to go for a morning, afternoon, and evening walk everyday. We used to go grocery shopping almost every weekend before COVID-19 but now I realize that we don’t have to do that and that we can actually enjoy our weekends doing house projects or simply enjoying our time together. I am also lucky that my sister lives across the street from me and I get to say hello to her from a distnace.

However, there are definitely some things that I miss! I miss my parents which I haven’t seen in a few weeks because we’re trying to keep everyone safe. I miss family gatherings and I miss planning vacation trips for the future! But what my heart aches for that I really miss and I’m itching to do is to go out and be able to freely take photos for weddings! With this virus, there has been a 50 person limit for weddings which then changes to 10 people which we hope will be lifted soon. I found myself looking through old photos last night and really missed the good old days. I wanted to share a few OLD never seen before selfies from last year!

deer ridge estate styled wedding - bride and groom - kansas city wedding photographer
Deer Ridge Estate Styled Wedding with Brick + Ivory Events

I am the type of person (I hope!) that likes to see the positive in everything! This time home has for sure taught me to be more grateful.

My heart goes out to all the brides + grooms who had to cancel or reschedule their weddings for 2020. My May brides/weddings have had to do that. I also feel for brides who are getting married in June/July/August because there’s still so much uncertainty! With the wedding packages, all my brides + grooms can use their deposit/retainer for future wedding dates or portrait sessions/products if they have to reschedule their weddings. If they choose to just cancel their weddings without a future date, unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable. I can see that Fall of 2020 will be super busy and that 2021 will also have a lot of weddings booked. So, if you’re a 2021 bride just wondering when to book – now is the time!

If you’re concerned about your wedding, here’s what you can do:

1. If you have a wedding coming up and there are restrictions still in place, you can consider reducing your guest count with whatever restrictions are in place at that time. I know – it may be hard to have to take out people from your guest list but intimate weddings can be really special too! You can also live broadcast your wedding for others to see.

2. You can reschedule your wedding anytime between now to March 2021 and your non-refundable deposit/retainer can be used for a future date.

3. You can have an elopement on your booked wedding date and then have your wedding reception with family + friends in the future! That way, you can still marry your bestie which is what really matters!

If you’re wondering how you could support your local photographer while everything is paused right now, here’s what you can do:

1. Leave your photographer amazing reviews! This gives them an opportunity to book more weddings in the future! You can leave me a review on Google or the Knot.

2. Pre-Order your wedding album or get your wedding photos printed! I can design your wedding or engagement album for you!

3. Book a portrait session for the future! You can reserve your date from now.

We’re in this together!! I love you all and can’t wait for everything to go back to normal and even better than before!

Wedding Ring on Macaroons at 1890 Eighteen Ninety Wedding Venue in Kansas City

If you’re a newly engagement couple looking to get married in 2021, feel free to get in touch HERE.

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