Wedding Day Essentials for Capturing the Details

June 12, 2019

One of my favorite elements as a wedding photographer is capturing the details of a wedding day. There are so many important elements that are a part of each wedding story. Capturing all of the little details are important in telling the whole story of a couple.

Planning out the detail shots ahead of time can take a lot of stress off the morning of the wedding. Our tip is to organize these items ahead of time and to lay out all of these special details the night before your wedding day. Today we are sharing our top eight wedding day essentials to capture the details of your wedding!

1 – Bridal Details

You spend a lot of time choosing the details you are going to wear on your wedding day. As a wedding photographer, we want to make sure that the bridal details you chose for your special day are captured seamlessly. The list of bridal details may include;

bridal gown
engagement ring + wedding band
heirloom or special items

2 – Groom Details

The groom’s details are equally as important as the bridal details. We want to ensure that these carefully thought out details are captured too! The list of groom details may include;

wedding band
heirloom or special items

3 – Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Boutonniere along with Extra Floral Stems or Greenery

We adore capturing your wedding day blooms. Bright and colorful flowers are our absolutely favorite! Chat with your wedding florist beforehand to have your bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonniere and a few extra floral stems and greenery delivered before detail shots are taking place. A few blooms and greenery from your wedding flowers will add a beautiful element to all of your detail photos.

4 – Ring Boxes

Why not show off your wedding ring with a gorgeous ring box in one of your wedding colors?! These little boxes bring so much attention to those sparkly rings. And don’t forget to shine up those diamonds beforehand!

Double Oval Velvet Engagement Ring Holder

5 – Ribbon

Incorporating styling ribbons in your wedding color palette adds a feminine touch to your detail photos. I love adding in ribbon to any stationery photos to bring another color in to the photo or to bring the entire look together seamlessly!

Handmade Fringe Styling Ribbon

6 – Wedding Dress Hanger

A wedding dress hanger adds a special element to your wedding gown. The best part . . . your wedding dress can hang with this special hanger even after your wedding!

Wedding Dress Hanger

7 – Stationery Suite

The very first impression of your wedding to your guests is your stationery. Gather all of those paper products and let us capture the details. Make sure to bring an envelope with a faux address on the front!

8 – Postage Stamps

I adore when couples add vintage postage stamps to their invitation envelope for capturing those detail photos! Find a few stamps in your wedding color palette and bring those along for styling with your stationery. You can’t go wrong with pretty, old postage stamps!

Vintage Postage Stamps

That concludes the list of my top eight wedding day essentials to capture the details of your wedding! I hope you enjoyed and learned a few tips when planning out your wedding day details! When it comes to planning out your wedding day details, remember the key is planning ahead!

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