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5 Tips for What To Wear for Family Portraits or Engagement Sessions | Kansas City Family Photographer | Overland Park

May 9, 2018

Here are 5 tips for what to wear for family portraits or an engagement session! As a Kansas City Family Photographer, I’ve photographed so many engagements and family portraits and have learned a thing or two!

Here are my tips below!

coordinate outfits but don’t be too matchy matchy

Wear outfits that compliment each other. Mixed prints and solids always work together. Start out with a basic color palette and go from there. It’s helpful to have one person who wears a colorful or patterned outfit that the rest of the groups’ clothing or accessories can pull from. Avoid all white or all black clothing and avoid big logos on clothing. Find commonalities in your outfits to give the photos the same color palette and feel.


Accessories add a lot of interest to your photos and can make an image go va-va voom! Dress it up! Think of adding natural flowers to your hair and bring out those frilly fluffy dresses, bold accessories, bow ties, and suspenders! Wear shoes that make you feel confident! (Bring an extra pair of comfy shoes to walk around in!) Now is your time to shine! Ladies, feel free to get your hair and makeup done. Be careful not to over accessorize – we want the focus to still be on you and your natural beauty!

wear textures & layers

Choose to wear different types of textures and layers!  They add interest to outfits and photos – think lace and flowy dresses. Throw on a cute cardigan, scarf, or light jacket to compliment your outfit. Bonus tip – if you take off that layer, it will look like a whole new outfit!

coordinate styles

Make sure everyone matches the overall feel of the photoshoot and location. If the photoshoot is taking place at a park or a rustic barn, feel free to wear something causal. If the photoshoot is taking place downtown surrounded by architecture, bold dressed up outfits work best! Feel free to bring up to two outfits if you can’t decide on one!

relax and have fun

The first few moments may be awkward, but that’s OK! I want this to be as low-key and easy going as possible. Focus on having fun enjoying this moment in your life! Make sure to bring your smile and be ready to have a great time! Your shoot should be a reflection of who you are. Remember to wear what makes you feel good and happy!


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