San Juan, Puerto Rico [travel]

November 11, 2015

This is Part 2 of the Cruise Blogpost Series. See the first blog by clicking here.

On the third day of our Holland America cruise, we went to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was a rainy day that was gray in color as we arrived into the port, yet the bright colors of the buildings on the island were seen from afar. As the ocean kissed the rocks with it’s big waves, one can see the old city of San Juan as the skies began to clear up.

There were several other cruise ships docked upon arrival and there was crowds of people and locals selling souvenirs lined up in a row. We passed by the crowd and hopped onto an open air bus that took us around town. We were enjoying the scenery and the breeze on our skin while riding the bus but then decided to get off on the last stop which took us to the San Juan National Historic Site. We walked around for a few hours as we explored the ins and outs and learned about the history of San Juan.

As the day went on, we explored the rest of the downtown area in San Juan. The buildings in San Juan were so beautiful and every building was painted a unique color. We explored the local shops and interacted with the locals and then it started to rain again. We embraced the rain and continued our stroll. The day came to an end and we decided to go back into our cruise ship to get a meal.

San Juan was a very exciting port to visit, however, I am sure there is a lot more that can be seen! On this port, we did not plan any specific excursions, but instead, decided to go with the flow. With no background information on San Juan, we stayed within walking distance of our cruise ship. None the less, San Juan Puerto Rico was a wonderful experience!

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