Cozumel, Mexico [travel]

February 28, 2016

In my previous blog post, I shared my experience in Costa Maya, Mexico on our 2nd cruise abroad the Celebrity Eclipse. On the 3rd cruise day we arrived to Cozumel, Mexico! Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern cost of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, close to Playa Del Carmen. Before arriving to Cozumel, we had a general idea of which beaches we wanted to visit and knew that we wanted to go jet skiing.

When we stepped foot into Cozumel, we were greeted by locals who offered many exciting adventures to us. “Rent a Bike! Rent a Scooter! Let us take you to Paradise Beach!” We politely told the locals we weren’t interested, yet they insisted that they were just going to give us information without any pressure. Renting a scooter to go around the island for the day sounded pretty exciting, but the locals did not recommend it for us first timers. Instead, we decided to head out to Paradise Beach which was just a 15 minute and $15 taxi ride south of the island from the cruise port.

To my surprise, most beaches in Cozumel had an entry fee and had a resort type feel which served you drinks and provided you with lounge chairs to sit on. We walked around Paradise Beach and negotiated with a few locals till we got a good deal on the jet ski rentals. We mounted the GoPro on our head when we went jet skiing, but unfortunately, none of the footage was captured because the GoPro was too low on our heads, ha! But let me tell you, the water in Cozumel was simply gorgeous with shallow parts that were the most perfect color of blue that you could imagine. It was a great experience! Afterwards, we lounged at Paradise Beach and tried snorkeling on the dock. The water was a bit too deep for our comfort and we just stood by and admired the beauty from afar. A tourist picked up a fresh star fish from the ocean, which I had to take a picture of!

After the beach, we cleaned up and walked north to the downtown area. We then rented bikes and rode along the sidewalk, or lack thereof. It was definitely a thrill-full ride! After about a 15 minute bike ride north, we were in downtown Cozumel which was pretty busy with lots of locals and delicious restaurants. Unfortunetly, we were running out of time and had to head back to the cruise ship! We certainly wish we could have seen a bit more of downtown. I’d definitely recommend Cozumel! Cozumel is a pretty big island with plenty to do!
Cozumel, Mexico | Mariam Saifan Photography Cozumel, Mexico | Mariam Saifan Photography Cozumel, Mexico | Mariam Saifan Photography Cozumel, Mexico | Mariam Saifan Photography Cozumel, Mexico | Mariam Saifan Photography Cozumel, Mexico | Mariam Saifan Photography


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