Amman, Jordan | Family Trip | Part III

March 17, 2020

On the last part of these 3 part blog series, I am sharing some of my photos from our short family trip to Amman, Jordan! I’ve been to Amman once before and we did all the amazing and fun tourist things such as visit Wadi Rum and visit Petra. This time, unfortunately, our flight ran one day late and so we missed out on a lot. We only had a few days to enjoy the beauty of Amman and taste all of the amazing food.

To be honest, the food in Amman is one of my favorites!!! There’s so many good spots that I always still dream of even when I am back home. Hope you enjoy this short travel blog of my photos!

On our hotel roof top in Amman, Jordan.
Beautiful olive trees and nature.
Amman from above.
My favorite kind of breakfast!!
Al-Madina Al-Monawara Street – filled with street shawerma sandwiches and ice-cream shops! Bekdash is a favorite among many!
This little whole in the wall spot has my favorite falafel sandwiches in the world! It’s called Al-Quds Falafel!
More street foods and shawerma sandwiches!
Downtown Amman! This is hands down the best spot in the world for some fresh hummus/foul/falafel. It’s called Hashem.
Khanfeh from Habibah Sweets in Downtown Amman Jordan.
The Roman Theater in downtown Amman, Jordan.

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